Frog's Leap Zinfandel Napa Valley

Frogs Leap Zinfandel 2008

$20-50 85+

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The Frog's Leap 2006 Zinfandel is a classic field-blend revealing the vitality of Zinfandel and the depth of Petite Sirah. The first sensations are aromas of cinnamon and clove which underscore the rich layers of dried cranberries and wild berry. Lush layers of cherry and boysenberry delight the palate while subtle nuances of oak and earth never overwhelm. Bright acid balances soft tannins resulting in a plush, lingering finish. Rich yet quaffable, this Zinfandel is a wine that both complements a meal or is delicious on its own.

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  Wine Enthusiast: 91 points
by Critic Ratings on 30-11-2015

  One of my favorite Zinfandel in this price range. I will continue to purchase this and hope to try multiple vintages. New world style that is fruit-forward with still that slight hint of spice the pairs well with red meat or BBQ. Great quality and a wine I always reach for when looking for a gift here in Texas. Wonderful!
by tabednar on 12-01-2012

  Nice overall wine, although it shares more characteristics with a Merlot then classic Zin. Earthy aromas, dark berries, a bit of acid. Not a fruit bomb, much more subtle. Very enjoyable, but at this price point, I think there are better choices. For a few bucks more, I'd rather find a Michael David Earthquake Zin.
by mbradd on 17-04-2011

by gilm1985 on 03-02-2011

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