The Friends of the Earth Organic Wine

Voted the best wine guide book of the year 2000. This edition celebrates winning the covetted Lanson award.

The Grape Grower

A Guide to Organic Viticulture.

Real Wine

In Real Wine, Matthews details how modern winemaking became a chemical/mechanical endeavor and the numerous wineries that are turning back to traditional methods to produce.

Monty Waldin’s Biodynamic Wine

Biodyamic wineries are turning up everywhere, and Monty Waldin’s Biodynamic Wine Guide 2011 profiles over 1,500 of them, explaining their practices and why these winemakers believe biodynamics yields better wines.

Reading Between The Wines

Importer Terry Theise’s Reading Between The Wines details how he fell in love with the smaller family-run wineries of Germany and the values he considers most important when it comes to making wine.

Biodynamic Wine Demystified

If you want to learn about biodynamic winemaking you may as well go to the godfather of the movement. Winemaker Nicolas Joly, of Coulee de Serrant in the Loire, explains the practices and beliefs behind biodynamic viticulture in Biodynamic Wine Demystified.

Been Doon So Long

Been Doon So Long is famed winemaker Randall Grahm’s magnum opus containing poetry, comics, parodies and his personal search for terroir somewhere in between.

Authentic Wine

Toward Natural and Sustainable Winemaking – Jamie Goode and Sam Harrop

Voodoo Vintners

Oregon’s Astonishing Biodynamic Winegrowers – Katherine Cole

Naked Wine

Wine writer Alice Feiring has taken a lot of flak for her less-than-positive writings on wines from the West Coast.