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Poggio Trevvalle is the name given to a small hill located in Maremma, Tuscany, between the towns of Grosseto and Campagnatico. My brother Bernardo and I bought the farm towards the end of 1998. Since then our aim has been to make bottled estate wines in the most natural and simple way, at an affordable price, that are pleasing to drink on any occasion and, most importantly, that have a recognizable taste and flavour. The taste and flavour of a wine will be unique and inimitable if the grapes from which it is made are the full expression of the specific nature of a countryside (soil and microclimate), the so called ‘terroir’.

The vines absorb this specific nature through their roots and leaves and transfer it to the grapes. In order for this to happen in the most complete way the soil has to be ‘alive’ – not unnaturally mineralized with chemical fertilizers or lacking in micro flora and fauna due to the use of herbicides. Moreover, the leaves of the vines and the yeast on the skin of the grapes have to be able to absorb all the elements of the microclimate (wind, light, humidity, heat etc.) without their natural functions being altered by the use of chemical fungicides. This is why we chose, from the beginning, to cultivate the vines organically in order that the grapes, and therefore the wines, be a true expression of our ‘terroir’ and commitment.

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