Cline Zinfandel Still Usa California Napa Zinfandel

Cline Zinfandel Ancient Vines California 2007

$50-100 85+

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Reviews & Rankings

from Snooth members

  Cherry, raspberry, a lot of sweetness, but a nice low-key Zin. Got it for $9.99 at Earth Fare, so no reason to take issue with it.
by Ronbaker on 22-03-2009

  A subtle hint of tobacco leaves in the nose and the aftertaste. Pleasantly acid Firm tannins.
by mark on 18-05-2014

  Medium bodied, nice and spicy. Yummy!
by AutumnSunshine on 09-04-2011

  A rather Delicious well made Zin that can be enjoyed either by itself or with stinky cheese. I found the finish to be very enjoyable and lasting. This may even improve with another revolution about the Sun. A very decent value. (how much should a bottle of wine cost anyways?)
by skalywag on 18-10-2010

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