Shopping For Organic and Biodynamic Wines Just Got Easier With Our Free Web App

Want to know which stores have organic wines in stock at the best prices? In a store, and wondering which wines are organic?

With‘s new web app – also formatted for mobile users — shopping organic and biodynamic wine has never been so simple. Use your current location, or enter a zipcode, and see the organic wines available in your area. Sort by store, by price, varietal, or wine type. Its as easy as that – and even better, its free!

The app is simple for users, yes, but under the hood there’s some pretty fancy footwork to bring you the information you need. The app searches through 30,000 organic wines from the world’s top producers to tell you which ones are available in your chosen location. It takes into account when the producer started farming organically to ensure you only see wines that are made with organic grapes.

And why is all this a big deal? If you’ve ever tried searching for organic wine on a regular wine site or app, you’ll know that its not as easy as popping ‘organic’ in the search box. You get only a tiny fraction of the possible results that way, because many organic wines, particularly imported ones, aren’t identified as organic. Often when a wine is entered in a store’s database, ‘organic’ isn’t added to the title, so it can’t be searched.

Months of painstaking research with more than 700 producers, from 20 countries, has gone into the creation of the app, powered by’s massive network of retailers.

In addition to working on mobile devices like the iPhone, it also works in regular web browsers – best in webkit browsers like Google Chrome and Safari.

No download is necessary – as a web app you simply visit in your web browser, and off you go! Mobile users can bookmark the page so that it functions like a native app, with launch icon and loading page.


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