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This is an app to help you figure out which wines are organic and where you can buy them. It searches through a list of more than 30,000 different organic wines, from more than 700 vineyards, to find which one’s are available at your chosen location.

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There are two ways to view wines. You can see a list of stores, and the organic wines they sell, or you can see all the wines available in the area, and then select the store you want to buy from. You can narrow wine results by price, varietal, wine type, and country of origin. Its simple and easy to use.

The app also helps you to shop online by showing you which wines are organic at major retailers like

Works on Mobile Phones and in Web Browsers

This is a multi purpose app that works both on mobile phones with webkit browsers (on iphone, android etc), and on your PC/Mac in regular webkit browsers like Google Chrome and Safari. It functions in Firefox and IE too, but you’ll find that some of the buttons aren’t styled correctly.

What’s new in this version?

Since the beta release of the app back at the end of November, we’ve been working to find extra sources of data. In this new version you should find lots of new wines, and stores that stock them. We’ve also updated the design, added the option to sort by stores or by wine, and added options to narrow your search by price, varietal etc.

What’s the big deal? Can’t I get this information in regular wine apps?

If you’ve ever tried searching for organic wines, you’ll know that its not as simple as putting ‘organic wine’ in the search box. Doing that gets very limited results because most wine titles don’t include the ‘organic’. Even with well labeled organic wines, its hit and miss, and then there’s the thousands of organic wines that don’t advertise themselves as organic.

Behind the scenes of this deceptively simple app is a huge amount of computing power, sorting through thousands of wines, identifying the one’s that match with our database of organic vineyards, and showing appropriate vintages based on when the vineyard became organic.

Enjoy, and please do give us feedback so that we can continue to improve future versions.

Where to get the app

This is a web app so you can start using it right here, right now. Just click the link below.

To set it up on your mobile, go to your mobile web browser, and click on the link above or enter the URL into your browser’s address bar. When the app loads, add the page to your home screen to get the icon and loading page.

2 responses to “Organic Wine App”

  1. Alexandre Lajoie says:

    Hello!!! I love your site, thank you very much!! I’d like to know why Cline ( USA ) is not listed. I believe that they are as good as it gets…

    Thank you again!!! 🙂

  2. C Lloyd says:

    The challenge is not finding wine for sale in the stores (most stores in Brooklyn label it on the shelves for you), it is knowing which wines on a restaurant menu are sustainable, organic or biodynamic. What would be fantastic is if you made your iphone app searchable so that I could enter the wine specifics (country, vineyard, varietal) so it would return whether or not it was sus, org, bio or not. That would be a relatively easy way to determine if these exist on the wine by the glass menu quickly.

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