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A James Halliday 2010 Wine Companion Five Star Rated Winery. At Bress we subscribe to a number of fundamental philosophies that underpin what it is we do and how we do it. To farm in a sustainable manner that is environmentally sound. At Bress this is achieved by using Biodynamic farming practices, the non use of synthetic herbicides, pesticides and fertilizers. Rather than using these products, composting and mulching are used on the farm to build up soil organic matter, which improves soil moisture retention.

Recognition that one grape growing region cannot be all things for the wine styles we wish to make. We believe that certain grape growing regions are better suited to particular grape varieties than others. We produce wines from several regions throughout Victoria and from Margaret River in Western Australia.

Understand growing seasons and eat well. Throughout the world, the four seasons have traditionally had a sizeable impact on how we grow the majority of our food. However, with the advent of refrigeration, broad acre farming, the use of chemicals and growth hormones to promote crop size and ripening and international shipping, the reliance on seasonality is being eroded. We believe that this modernization of food is not a healthy thing and we promote and embrace eating foods that are grown or harvested fresh according to seasons.

Have fun and don’t take yourself too seriously. A fundamental tenet at Bress! We would like to think that we do things well and take pride from that but in the process we don’t to carried away with ourselves. We are very open with our visitors and are always happy to explain and assist those who take an interest in what we do.

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3894 Calder Highway
+61 3 5474 2262
[email protected]