Casina di Cornia

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About This Vineyard

The farm of Casina di Cornia covers a total area of 24 hectares, 7 of which are set aside for the family-managed organic vineyards. The deep clay-limestone earth gives full-bodied and tannin-enriched wines. Ever since we started in 1980, we have aimed at quality by selecting and planting choice Sangiovese clones which produce well-structured wines. The only fertiliser we use is manure; after careful study we have managed to totally eliminate copper as an anti-parasite; we use sulphur against oidium and a blend of clay, vegetable extracts and powdered rock against peronospora.

We have been ‘organically’ certified since 1983. To obtain wines that bring out all the body and quality of the grapes, we interfere with the grapes and the wine as little as possible. Work starts with ruthless pruning in order to limits production to between 35 and 45 hectolitres per hectare. The organic grapes are picked by hand and collected in small crates so that they arrive at the winery in perfect condition. Here, they are immediately vinified and the temperature and oxygenation of the must is carefully controlled to achieve optimal alcoholic fermentation. We do not use selected yeasts or other additional ingredients as we are convinced, supported by personal experience, that the body and complexity of the wines is promoted more by the natural yeast populations on the grapes.


Di Antoine Luginbühl E Francine Dufour
Castellina In Chianti
+39 0577 743052
[email protected]