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Cassegrain Wines is a marriage of traditional French style and innovative Australian winemaking techniques, delivering organic wines of elegance and finesse that showcase regional varietal characteristics. With a French winemaking heritage dating back to the 17th century, a passion for wine is in the blood of John Cassegrain, owner and Chief Winemaker of Cassegrain Wines. It is a passion that delivers a diverse selection of beautiful wines enhanced by Johns ability to source the most appropriate fruit for the wine.

The largest producer in NSW’s Hastings River region, Cassegrain Wines recognises the importance of terroir in determining grape characteristics and, as such, selects the best fruit from other wine regions to support its own impressive vineyard production. Committed to sourcing varieties from where they grow best, Cassegrain Wines leads the way in showcasing what new and emerging regions have to offer consumers.

This is typified by the winery being the first commercial producer in Australia of Chambourcin, a grape identified as being ideally suited to the Hastings River location. Cassegrain continues to be one of the few producers of this rare variety. Bringing French passion and style to a modern Australian lifestyle, Cassegrain has developed a diverse group of refined organic wines full of regional flavours and nuances, offering a true representation of the region of their origin.

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764 Fernbank Creek Road
Port Macquarie
+61 2 6582 8377
[email protected]