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Champagne Bérêche et Fils is run by Pierre Bérêche and his sons Raphael and Vincent. They have 9.5 hectares in Ludes and Vallée de la Marne. Just as we raise our grapes organically, we give priority to simple and natural methods during the elaboration process of our wines. From one generation to the next, we have managed to preserve a vinification process respecting the grapes, but also the climate which plays a significant role in the wine’s development.

It all begins with choosing the harvest date, after a thorough inspection of the maturity. Raphaël, Vincent and Jean-Pierre jointly give the go-ahead as soon as they consider the grapes to be perfectly balanced.  The harvest periods are a time of intense labour, but also of conviviality and celebrations. They are carried out in a traditional and friendly way. Forty grape-pickers work at the estate for approximately ten days, while sharing unique moments at the same time. Once the harvest excitement is over, alcoholic fermentations slowly and spontaneously begin and will last until early December. Thanks to the low temperatures in our cellar (around 8°C between the months of September and April), malolactic fermentation can be avoided. May is the month when it all becomes a reality. It marks the end of the ageing on lees for wines in barrels. As for wines in tanks, they have been on lees since January. Before blending and bottling the wines, we taste each Terroir in a highly precise way. Our cuvees remain in the cellar for a period of 2 to 6 years. Once they have been turned, the bottles are disgorged by hand.

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