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Chateau de Mayragues, an organic estate whose wine tradition is as historic as the fortification for which the chateau is named, sits on a picturesque slope on the right bank of the Tarn river in Gaillac in South West France. In addition to its organic red and white wines, the estate produces a delightful full-bodied sparkling wine made from the Mauzac grape, grown principally and traditionally in Gaillac and Limoux.

Mauzac is aromatic and naturally high in acidity, with a flavor reminiscent of pear and dried apple skins. The vines from this estate are grown biodynamically on soil rich in chalk and lime. Also traditional is the way in which the sparkling wine is developed, known as Methode Gaillacoise: Here the young wine is bottled before all the residual sugar has been fermented to alcohol, thus permitting fermentation to continue in the bottle, but without dosage (topping with an addition of a bit of syrupy wine for a second fermentation). This leads to a slightly sweeter wine with less mousse, but leaving some sediment in the bottle.

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Alan & Laurence Geddes
Castelnau De Montmiral

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