Domaine Ferrer et Ribiere

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Bruno Ribière owns several small vineyards that make up the domaine, all totally biodynamic, and spread across a huge geographical area that makes harvesting a trial. M. Ribière is completely in tune with biodynamism: everything is governed by phases of the moon. He won’t have stainless steel in the cellar because it is a conductor of electricity and will disrupt moon cycles, so uses polyester tanks instead that allow the wine to move and circulate in rhythm with cycles of the moon. Extreme yes, but Ferrer-Ribière is making some stunning wines with all sorts of original thinking. A single vineyard Grenache is produced from 128-year-old vines, and late-harvest Maccabeu and other unusual wines are made in tiny quantities.

The LA Times voted the 2009 Domaine Ferrer Ribiere ‘Le F’ their wine of the week for July 1st 2010: Here’s an ideal summer white from the Cotes Catalanes, a wine region near Perpignan in the south of France. Crisp and dry, with an extravagant scent of white peaches and flowers, Domaine Ferrer Ribière F is made from a blend of 80% Muscat à Petits Grains and 20% Grenache Blanc.

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20 Rue Du Colombier

0033 (0) 4 68 53 24 45
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