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The Frey estate, run by Charles and Dominique, is situated in Dambach La Ville, 40 kilometres south of Strasbourg. This is a small town of around 2000 people, but one of the largest producing wine areas in the Alsace. The Freys began making and selling wine around 1946, first with Joseph Frey, Charles’ grandfather, then by his father , also Charles. The family cultivate 13 hectares of vines in 4 local areas around Dambach-La-Ville, Scherwiller and Chatenois.

The land has been in the family for centuries and they started farming organically in 1997 and were soon convinced that converting to biodynamic farming practices would be better for their convictions and their customers. The wines that they produce come from quite poor soils (this is a good thing in wine grape growing), granite sandstone based, and the vines must force their roots through the rock to find the moisture that they need. The Freys believe passionately that the use of biodynamic farming gives the vines the best chance and that the vines repay them by producing great fruit which makes great wines.

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4 Rue Des Ours
Dambach La Ville

03 88 92 41 04