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The ‘Fenouillède’ as a wine region (and state of mind) has taken its name from the villages of St. Paul de Fenouillet and St. Martin de Fenouillet, near the town and appellation of Maury (Fenouil is the French word for fennel). It is beautiful countryside, with the main vineyards being along the long valley that runs from St. Paul de Fenouillet to Tautavel. In its hills sits St. Martin de Fenouillet (population 38, at last count). Here lives a great and enthusiastic winemaker – Eric Laguerre.

Eric does not walk from place to place –he runs – so intense is his pleasure in what he does. He began with an apprenticeship with Gérard Gauby. There he gained an appreciation for bio-dynamic techniques. In St. Martin he grows Grenache, Syrah, Carignan and Cabernet for reds, Roussane, Macabeu, Grenache Gris, for white. His organic wines have great concentration, balance, texture. The reds, (bottled unfiltered) are big (over 14% natural) but not heavy. The white is a marvel combining the purity and ‘cut’ of fine Chablis with the weight and flavors of a southern Rhône.

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St Martin de Fenouillet

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