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About This Vineyard

Michel and Frédéric Lafarge produce some of Burgundy’s most precise and penetrating wines. From their base in Volnay- a neat but unpretentious house in a quiet backstreet hiding some splendid 13th-century cellars – they farm organically tending and vinifying the produce of just short of 10 hectares, over half in Volnay.

Although the Domaine dates back to the early 19th century, its present size is largely attributable to Michel and his father who added parcels of land whenever suitable opportunities came their way. Michel’s own contributions were the small plots of Premiers Crus Beaune Teurons and Pommard Pezerolles.

Michel and Frédéric Lafarge make very fine wines. They also make a formidable team – working together to redefine and transmit a tradition as three generations before have done. Michel values their partnership: ‘We can have two different ideas and take the best bits of both; in Burgundy, so many people have to work alone,’ he explains, sitting at the larger of two scholastic wooden desks, with Frédéric nodding agreement from his smaller post alongside.

They can be relied upon to turn out interesting wines in almost any vintage – organic wines which give immense pleasure when young and plump but which turn into something more subtle and interesting if you can bear to keep them for half a decade or more. This is a five-star Domaine.


15 Rue De La Combe


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