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Dr. von Bassermann-Jordan

Vineyard Profile

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About This Vineyard

Dr. von Bassermann-Jordan has for over two centuries been one of the most important estates in Pfalz. In the 1980’s the estate stagnated somewhat, but since 1995 Ulrich Mell one of the regions most brilliant winemakers was hired to turn things around. This he has done and now Bassermann-Jordan is back on top as one of the leading estates in Pfalz.

Stylistically Pfalz wines are more akin to their cousins in Alsace than to those from the neighbouring German regions. Geographically close, but separated by the Franco-German border, both Pfalz and Alsace lie on the left bank of the Rhine along a fairly narrow north-south axis. They are the driest and sunniest regions of their respective countries, both protected by the same mountain range. These Pfalz wines, when compared with the delicate Mosels, are more full-bodied and rounder, with a notable richness of flavor.