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The business has been passed down from father to son for some generations now. The grandfather Enrico Crognaletti besides being an excellent barrel maker and making good Verdicchio , used to pick the trees and build the barrels that were used to vinify his Verdicchio. Today his work helps Natalino, his nephew,to understand how and where this wood should be utilized and mainly how to appreciate this experience in the future. Crognaletti Gino, Natalino’s father, was a good winemaker, who spent most of his life selecting old clones of Verdicchio (in the old vineyards referred to as ‘alberate’). His choice of grapes that are particularly rich in minerals, and today make the best fruit in the ‘Vigna delle Oche’ Riserva.

The current managers of the business are Natalino Crognaletti and his mother, Vera Biondini, who oversee approximately 35 hectares of land, between private and rented areas. These organic vineyards are in different tracts, besides the Montecarotto, in the close by town of Ostra, Ostra Vetere and Corinaldo. The first year of bottling was in 1995 and today the production includes 7 types of wines (3 white and 4 red), and consists of approximately 100,000 bottles produced per year. The winemaker and oenologist of the business is the owner Natalino Crognaletti, who relies on the collaboration of the oenologist Hartmann Dona. The cultivation is organic and biodynamic while the operation of the business is family run. 

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