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The Gimblett Road vineyard was purchased as bare land in 1990 and 1.8 hectares of Cabernet Sauvignon was planted in 1991. This was followed by 2 hectares of Merlot, and 1 hectare Malbec. The soils are of alluvial origin with 50 cm of sandy silt loam over river gravels. The vineyard is located in the Gimblett Gravels Winegrowing District. This strictly defined area is 800 hectares of gravely soils laid down by the old Ngaruroro River, which were exposed after a huge flood in the 1870’s. The area is up to three degrees Celsius warmer during the day in summer and autumn, compared with most other areas in Hawke’s Bay. The evenings are also warmer because of thermal conductivity in the stony soils. The extra summer and autumn heat and the contribution from the soils puts the terroir of Gimblett Gravels alongside some of the world’s famous wine regions, with respect to the red Bordeaux varieties.

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New Zealand
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