Pian dell’Orino

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In Montalcino there are 3,000 hectares of vineyards. The whole area is characterised by innumerable gradients, altitudes and expositions that create as many different microclimates. There are many types of soil, alternating periods of rain and drought, chalk sediments, clay, shell and fossil deposits. The climate is generally moderate with abundant rainfall in autumn and spring, with winters characterised by periods of intense cold and dry, hot summers.

Each vineyard produces grapes that reflect the particular characteristics of its soil, its exposition and climate. These grapes bear the precise imprint of the people who have cultivated them and helped them to ripen. The four estate vineyards -Pian dell’Orino, Pian Bossolino, Cancello Rosso and Scopeta – all produce organic Sangiovese grapes. The growth system we use is ‘single spur cordon system.’

Wine makers are Caroline Pobitzer and Jan Hendrik Erbach. Caroline came to Montalcino from South Tyrol in Northern Italy. She was born there and lived and managed the family property, a large renaissance castle called Castel Katzenzungen. At the foot of the castle there is an enormous vine that is over 600 years old. It is the largest vine in the world. This magnificent plant is called Versoaln and is the oldest vine-stock in Europe. Caroline grew up next to this vine, and with her grew her passion for viticulture and wine.

Jan Hendrik was born in Karlsruhe and brought up in Germany. He studied viticulture with a great German master and then at the prestigious Geisenheim Academy. Jan is both wine grower and oenologist. After his studies he lived and worked for several years in France, gaining valuable experience before coming to Montalcino and meeting Caroline. 

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