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Stellar Organics

Vineyard Profile

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About This Vineyard

Stellar Winery was the first organic winemaker in the world to gain the coveted Fairtrade certification. Located in Namaqualand in Trawal, Stellar is South Africa’s biggest producer of organic wines. The vineyard and winery processes more than 4500 tons of organic grapes destined for the South African and international markets. Grapes are sourced from farms in the Olifant River wine region, an area well known for its spring flowers and as the only semi-arid Biosphere hotspot in the world.

Stellar is privately owned, with the workers having a 26% shareholding in the cellar and 50% in Stellar Agri – a table and wine grape farming operation.

Well-known for its innovation, Stellar was the first winemaker in Africa to produce commercially viable wines without added sulfites. Stellar has since become the largest producer sulfur-free wines globally and is the best-selling organic wine brand in the UK.

Stellar offers a selection of red, white, rose and sparkling wines.