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The company is located in Ferla, a small town near Syracuse immersed in the lush valley of the outskirts of Pantalica, Unesco. The company today has over 6 hectares of vitis vinifera. The company philosophy is inspired by the canons of organic farming in accordance with EU rules. A great attention is paid to compliance with the vegetation of the places of production and micro-organisms therein. All this gives our wines a definite impression that manages to communicate the nature of our Earth, given the uniqueness of the volcanic soil, the influence of climate and the care of people who work there.

Our wines Land of the Sirens and Red Drops are developed by one of three members of the company, Sun ‘Zenner, agronomist and winemaker, whose experience is more than a decade. Land of the Sirens is a Nero d’Avola in purity from biodynamic farming, which has the characteristics of complexity and full body typical of the area of Pachino, where this vine has been cultivated for centuries. A wine really ‘typical’, which received numerous awards over the years by the most prestigious magazines. Red Drop is a blend of Nero d’Avola and Syrah grapes, organic wine younger than Land of the Sirens but with its own distinctive personality Both wines are organic and contain less than 60 mg / liter of sulfur dioxide. All our products using only raw materials from organic farming to ensure our customers that no chemical is present in them.

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