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An Estate … Cross the Loire Valley, go past the village of Rochefort, and you will come upon Chaume, a little village posed upon the hillside. Take a dirt path, leaving time and people behind to lose yourself in the vineyards – a moving ocean of vinestocks, leaves, fields, and rows. When you see the roof of the winery, stop in front of the three presses, being careful not to disturb the chickens, birds and other animals. Walk around the property and feel the faint humidity of water down below: the Layon, a branch of the Loire River which brings noble rot (the famous Botrytis cinerea) to the area.

Vines … Then you will learn that the organic estate’s 6 hectares are planted with 15 to 70 year-old vines (exclusively Chenin variety) with a few timid Sauvignon vineplants; 5 hectares are on the Quarts de Chaume Appellation, and one on Layon Chaume. You discover that all the vines are rooted into sandstone and schist soil, mixed with sand, clay and limon (on a 25 to 70 cm stratum) and exposed south-east to south-west.

Emotions… Innocent, curious to taste the organic fruit of these vines, you bring the wine to your lips…and suddenly your vision blurrs – all the cells in your body pulse and your heart begins to gently open. The golden-colored nectar descends deep inside you, and yet it is still present, everywhere, in the mouth, the nose – the first to have encountered it… The aromas enchant discretely; all is well-balanced – no heavy arrogant sweetness: freshness proudly dominates the palate.

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Hameau De Chaume
Rochefort Sur Loire

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