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Domaine Vigneau-Chevreau has been a family run estate since 1875. During that time, each of five generations has benefited from the vast experience in viticulture and vinification that was passed on. The 28 hectare Domaine consists of vouvrillon soil made up of limestone, clay and silex. This soil is most favorable to the cultivation of Chenin Blanc, giving the wine its aromatic diversity of ripe quince, fresh grapes or acacia honey.

Chenin Blanc is the only grape variety allowed for the production of Vouvray. The organic vineyards are harvested at various levels of maturity to allow for dry wines (Sec) with a wonderful flinty, minerally characteristic; semidry wines (Demi-Sec) that show a distinct balance of acidity and fresh fruit; and sweet wines (Moelleux) with incredible richness, complexity and longevity.

The Domaine itself is certified organic by Ecocert, but the vineyards are in fact tended biodynamically, which involves even stricter standards than organic winegrowing. Although this method involves much more work and considerably lower yields, the benefits to the long term condition of the vineyards, and therefore the quality of the wines, are dramatic.

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4,rue du Clos Baglin-Vallée de Vaux-Chançay

(33) 02 47 52 93 22
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